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Why Your Facebook Ads Are Constantly Getting Rejected

Making profits becomes a challenge when your Facebook ads keep getting rejected. Meta’s rules are getting harder to navigate, but don’t worry. We’re here to help you fix it!

Why Was My Facebook Ad Rejected for No Reason?

If your Facebook ads got rejected for no reason, or at least you think so, you might want to check out the official Facebook policy. Meta ads are designed to be relevant and useful to users, so it’s no surprise that they occasionally get rejected. There are a number of reasons why your ad may have been rejected, such as your ad being too similar to another ad that Meta already rejected.

List  of the most common reasons why your Facebook ads keep getting rejected

  • Containing illegal or discriminatory content
  • Using Facebook brand assets
  • Infringing on copyright laws
  • Containing user interface screenshots
  • Requesting sensitive information
  • Containing poor positioning


Rejected Facebook ads can be caused by multiple factors, the most obvious ones being illegal or discriminatory content and copyright violations. Meta obviously won’t tolerate legal issues. If you want to know what’s exactly the issue that keeps getting your Facebook ad rejected, check it in your ad account. If you’re not sure why your ad was rejected, you can contact Facebook’s support team for more information. In the meantime, make sure to review Facebook’s advertising guidelines and make any necessary changes to your ad before submitting it again.

How to Review Rejected Facebook Ads

How to Review Rejected Facebook Ads

Go to your ad account, find the rejected ad, click on the View Results button, and find out why your ad was rejected. After that, go right ahead and edit the ad to better follow Facebook’s policy by removing the parts that go against it. But do keep in mind that even though the Review is a possibility, it’s still not a guarantee that Meta will accept it. If it gets blocked again, it will go to the Unchanged category, meaning it’s a final rejection. Of course, succeeding with your Review on Meta will be much easier if you obtain a verified Facebook Business Manager account. Having a verified Facebook Business Manager for your e-commerce business will increase your odds of successfully re-submitting your ad and not losing the ad completely.

How Long Until Facebook Reviews Rejected Ads?

It will usually take around 24 hours for Meta to Review your ad, maybe even a bit longer. We know, it sounds like a lot. And to marketers – it is a lot! After all, you could be losing profit just by not running ads. Even worse is the fact that some ads, like information about upcoming events or promo codes, can actually be time-sensitive. So, what could be done about this? Well, you could buy a verified Facebook Business Manager. A verified Business Manager is more reliable for Facebook and so the chances of your submission being actually accepted are much higher. And so are the odds of the Review process being a lot faster. A recurring policy violation can potentially restrict your ad account and your Business Manager. To protect your account from this, it’s best to advertise with a verified Business Manager. And if you had already verified your account on Meta but got restricted, you can simply buy a new verified account! There are a few companies that offer this service.

How to Buy a Verified Facebook Business Manager?

If you decided that a verified Facebook Business Manager can help your business, you could be wondering where and how to buy one. There are a few companies that offer this service. But if you want to buy a verified Facebook Business Manager account to maximize your profits, you need to choose the company wisely. Research it – look at reviews on the company, check out their team, look at their social media posts and figure out if they know what they’re talking about. Once you’re satisfied with what you find, then you can go ahead and buy a verified Facebook Business Manager from them. 

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