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How to Fix A Disabled Facebook Business Manager Ad Account

Building a brand is hard as it is without any interruptions, but a disabled Facebook Business Manager will be a major hurdle for any marketer. So, your question then becomes – what should I do if my account is disabled on Facebook? How to fix a disabled account on Facebook? Why is my FB account restricted? Worry not, we’re here to help you out!

You’re trying to build a brand on Facebook, you’ve set all the requirements, followed it all by the book. But then, you find out that your Facebook Business Manager is disabled. First thing you think about, how can I fix this?

Why is My Business Disabled on Facebook?

Facebook is not what it used to be, algorithms run everything, human involvement is decreasing, even though Meta is a trillion dollar platform, its algorithms still bug and may restrict your business without a valid reason. Requesting review is often reviewed by the algorithm bot itself once again. You may be left feeling frustrated and confused but rest assured, that’s an easy fix. The second case of your business restriction is the fact that you violated one of Facebook’s Terms and Commerce Policies.

If your business has been disabled due to a violation of the Terms and policies, the review will take some time and has chances of your account getting permanently restricted.

Here’s a quick list of some of the reasons Meta could disable your account:

Violations of Meta ads policies

You are trying to advertise a product that Facebook doesn’t allow, if your first Facebook ad is rejected, there is a high chance that your ad account, business manager will instantly get restricted.

Circumvention of Facebook

Basically you have a bad asset within your setup and you are using it on your ads, and that is considered circumventing (Using the same domain name on multiple accounts is also a circumvention).

Facebook was unable to place a temporary hold on your card

If your Business Manager is still young, Facebook will most likely ask to place a temporary hold on your card as it verifies it, if you are unable to process it or keep retrying, your business might get disabled. Its also important to keep in mind to work on your Facebook customer feedback score since it plays a vital role in your account’s reliability.

Non compliance

You have not complied with the Meta Advertising standards.

It’s important to understand why your Facebook Business Manager ad account has been disabled so that you can take actionable steps and resolve the issue.


How to Fix a Disabled Facebook Business Manager Account on Facebook?

Short Answer: Contact Meta Reps.

The best option to ensure that Facebook will have a serious look over your restriction is to submit a ticket to Facebook’s support team directly. Knowing why your Facebook Business Manager ad account is disabled can help you explain this situation to the support.

Now that you have an idea on the potential reason for restriction

1. Click on the blue button request review to see your options.


2. Choose the 3rd option: Other Reason.

This will allow you to send a ticket to Facebook support team directly and bypass the Bot review. You will need to tell the support the main reason why you believe your Business was restricted, a review will then take place after 24hours and you will get Meta’s response over the issue.

PS: Many people face the concern of having to verify their ID before being able to request a review.

Meta business account

ESP Team can help you pass the ID verification with a 100% success rate no matter what your profile’s country is. Contact us to get help.

Finally, if all else fails, try buying a verified Facebook Business Manager from ESP!

This may not solve the previous issue, but it will certainly give you a new and superior Facebook Business Manager account.

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