How To Avoid Getting Your Facebook Ad Account Suspended

How to Avoid Getting Your Facebook Ad Account Suspended in 2023

Are you banned from advertising? Does it feel like there is no reason for your account to be banned? Restricted Facebook ads accounts are a major concern for any Meta advertiser. It impacts your performance to a drastic degree. But there are ways around these issues. Go on reading to discover tips no one will tell you!

Why My Facebook Ad Account Keeps Getting Disabled

If you have a Facebook ad account that keeps getting disabled, you are not alone. Many people are facing this problem, and it can be very frustrating. This issue is often caused by technical issues or violations of Facebook’s terms of service. Facebook has strict policies for advertising on their platform, and if they find that your ads violate those policies, they will disable your account and prohibit you from running any ads. This means that even if you do not intend to violate their policies, it can still happen by accident. A Facebook account restricted from advertising is a major concern for any marketer primarily because of the revenue that is lost. How? Every time your Facebook ads account gets restricted from advertising you cannot continue running ads or ad campaigns. As a direct result of the banned account, you lose out on precious impressions, resulting in the loss of potential clients seemingly for no reason. So, how can you fix this? Well, first you need to find out why your ads account keeps getting restricted. And despite what you might think, your Facebook account rarely gets banned for no reason. There usually is a very real cause behind it. In fact, once you get your Meta ad account up and running again, check our 5 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Ads CTR in 2023.

Because it does not adhere to Facebook’s advertising policies, a Facebook account frequently gets restricted from advertising. This could be publishing material that is regarded as offensive, disobeying regulatory requirements like age limitations on alcohol advertisements, or using photos that are infringing on copyright laws. All of your posts should be double-checked before being published to make sure they adhere to these guidelines. Poor payment history is another typical cause of a banned Facebook ads account seemingly for no reason. Your account may be restricted from advertising while the matter is being resolved if you owe Facebook money for unpaid advertising or fail to make your payments on time. 

It may also be that your Facebook ad account keeps getting disabled just because Meta believes it to be suspicious. They may flag it as suspicious and disable the account until its legality can be verified if they notice any unusual behavior on your account, such as sudden changes in your spending patterns or a lot of traffic originating from a single location. Therefore, as you can see, there are a variety of various and complex reasons why your Facebook account could be restricted; it is not necessarily due to advertising. What can you do, then, to prevent the circumstance?

Avoid Getting Your Banned Facebook Ad Account

What can you do when you get banned from Facebook ads? Well, fixing a Facebook ad account that has been banned from is significantly more difficult than preventing the problem altogether. The restricted account can be undone, but there are no assurances that it will work. On the other hand, a seasoned business owner will choose the prudent course of prevention. To ensure the most successful campaign possible, strive to avoid getting your Facebook advertising banned. But what can you do to prevent your Facebook ads account from getting banned?

Do Not Market Prohibited Items

The sale of illegal goods and services is not permitted on the Meta platform and it will get you banned from Facebook ads. Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, firearms and ammunition, adult entertainment, and unlawful conduct are all on the list of these things. Your Facebook ads will keep getting disabled if you sell or advertise any of these kinds of goods, for obvious reasons. The law is still the law, whatever how powerful Meta is. However, the other issues will become more challenging. 

Steer Clear of Bias or Errors 

Regarding their stances on prejudice and false information, Meta is highly stringent. Your Facebook ads account will be immediately banned for either of these. Therefore, be sure that your advertising and brand do not convey any such sentiments to prevent having your Facebook ads account disabled. Errors and inconsistencies with your landing pages can also cause your Facebook account to get restricted from advertising. So, to avoid getting your Facebook ad account disabled, do not engage in bias and try to avoid incorrect information. 

Only Launch Ads from a Single IP Address

When launching your ads, it is imperative to use a single IP address because doing otherwise will alert Meta that something is odd, resulting in a disabled Facebook ad account. Facebook’s automatic systems won’t be able to identify suspicious activity or numerous accounts coming from the same IP address if you refrain from using different IP addresses. To avoid getting your Facebook ads account banned, adopt a clear consistent approach to your IP address. Some agencies even offer help managing all your employees using the same accounts, learn more here

Take Care Not to Break Meta Policies

Do not forget to confirm policy compliance. Policy violations are the number one reason why your Facebook ad account keeps getting disabled. Make certain that you follow all Meta policies and refrain from breaking any of them. These are vital instructions when it comes to not getting banned from Facebook ads. And while there are certain steps you can take to undo the suspension like submitting a Review, it is still much easier to avoid having your Facebook ads account banned or disabled altogether. Use our simple tips to stop losing out on returns!

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