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How Facebook’s Customer feedback Score Impacts Your Ability to Run Successful Ads

If you’re running Facebook ads, then your customers’ feedback and rating can have a major impact on the success of your campaigns. Understanding how and why Facebook uses customer feedback to determine ad rankings is essential for any marketer or business owner looking to maximize their ROAS from their ad spend.

What is Facebook’s customer feedback score?

The Facebook customer feedback score is a metric used by businesses to gauge the satisfaction of your customers on Facebook. This score is based on surveys that Facebook has collected from the customers who have purchased your products on Facebook. These surveys gather data about the customer’s experience, such as shipping Speed, Product Quality, customer service and more.

Facebook uses this data to assign a score, which ranges from 0-5 and is updated regularly. A score of 1 would indicate the least satisfied customers and 5 would indicate the most satisfied customers, with a recommended average score of 4.

How does the customer feedback score affect your ad rankings?

The customer feedback score is used by Facebook to determine how successful a campaign will be. A higher customer satisfaction rating can result in higher ad rankings and more impressions. However, it’s important to note that a high customer satisfaction rating alone won’t guarantee success. Advertisers should also consider other factors, such as ad creative and targeting, in order to maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns.

It’s important to stay on top of your customer feedback score so you can make educated decisions about how to optimize your campaigns for maximum ROAS. Additionally, taking steps to resolve customer complaints and improve customer satisfaction can lead to higher ad rankings over time. You should also keep in mind that maintaining a high Facebook Customer Feedback Score is crucial to avoid getting your Facebook ad account restricted from advertising on the platform.

Finally, if you receive a very poor customer feedback score, your business will no longer be able to advertise on Facebook. This can have a major impact on your ability to reach potential customers and grow your business. Therefore, it’s important that businesses take the time to monitor their customer feedback scores.

How does the customer feedback score affect your ad rankings?

The Facebook Customer Feedback Score plays a crucial role in determining the fate of your advertising campaigns on Meta. It is a metric used by Facebook to assess the quality and relevance of your ads, gauging how well they resonate with the audience. A low Customer Feedback Score can have adverse effects, leading to your Facebook ads getting rejected. Therefore, it is essential to create engaging and relevant ad content that aligns with the interests and preferences of your target audience.

How to check your Customer Feedback Score on Facebook

  1. Go to your Facebook Business Manager.
  2. Click Account Quality, and select Business Accounts on the left-side of the menu.
  3. Proceed with selecting your page to view your customer feedback score.


It’s important to remember that the customer feedback score is just one part of a successful ad campaign, if your customer feedback score drops, your ad delivery will decrease. Make sure you understand how your customer feedback score affects your rankings, and take steps to optimize your campaigns for maximum ROAS. By staying on top of your customers’ satisfaction levels, you can ensure that your customer feedback score stays high which ultimately means better ad ranking on Facebook. In addition, you can maximize your success with Ecommerce business with the 5 benefits of using a verified Facebook Business Manager, while improving your Customer Feedback Score.

How to Raise your Facebook Customer Feedback score

Once you understand how customer feedback can influence your ad campaigns, the next step is to raise your customer feedback score.

Tips for increasing your customer feedback score

Accuracy in Information

It is helpful to mention the features of your goods, such as color, shape, or size, to ensure that your customers are satisfied with the quantity of information and details that you have supplied about your services and products. If you are selling hats, for instance, make sure to display the appropriate size charts for the nations in which you advertise or give a description of the specifics, such as the materials.

Expectations are met

Make sure your customers are aware of the delivery deadlines you have set. So that your consumers can track the delivery of their orders, you can offer some sort of tracking information about the product shipments.


Transparency will be appreciated by your customers, so you can mention things like exchange and refund policies. Alternatively, you might inform your clients of the various facets of your customer service, such as the various time zones your staff members work in when responding to clients’ questions.

Meet Customer needs

It’s critical to meet customer demand for your goods and services. You may want to run fewer advertising if your company has trouble fulfilling huge orders. Additionally, you can make it clear to your consumers when the products are anticipated to be dispatched or made available. Maybe you should use language like “supply is running low and delivery will take longer than projected.”

By understanding how Facebook uses customer feedback to determine ad rankings, you can better optimize your campaigns for success. If you want to maximize your ROAS, then it’s important to pay attention to customer feedback and make necessary adjustments based on their score. ESP Tools is here to help you beat the competition With the right strategy in place, you’ll be able to get more out of every dollar spent! With our help, you can make sure that your customer feedback score remains high and your ad rankings stay strong.

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