How Does Facebook’s Nonexistent-Functionality Policy Affect Me?

How Does Facebook’s Nonexistent-Functionality Policy Affect Me?

Facebook’s nonexistent-functionality policy is one of the biggest challenges for marketers on Meta. It confuses even the pros, getting ads blocked and costing you both time and money. But today, we’ll let you in on how to deal with the nonexistent-functionality policy!

What Is Meta’s Nonexistent-Functionality Policy?

Put simply, Facebook’s nonexistent-functionality policy states that marketers aren’t allowed to use fake buttons, checkboxes, polls, or other functionality-imitating visuals in their ads. So essentially, it’s a policy against trying to trick the reader into clicking on links. The goal behind it is clear – to ensure the safety, comfort, and satisfaction of Facebook users. As any serious platform, Meta wants to guarantee the best quality of service and entertainment to its users.

And any ad of yours that violates Facebook’s nonexistent-functionality policy will be blocked, verified Business Manager or not! Moreover, if you keep violating the policy, you’ll end up losing your ad account as well. The solution to this problem sounds easy at first – just don’t violate the policy, right? Well, it’s not so simple. It’s sometimes hard to know what exactly is violating Facebook’s nonexistent-functionality policy. To clear it up further, let’s look at some violation examples.

Fake Buttons

Fake play button on facebook video ads

Did you include a static image in your ad and make it seem like a video? Did you use a fake play button to do it? Congratulations, that’s a violation of the nonexistent-functionality policy. Jokes aside, you can’t include buttons that aren’t actually functional or that will take the user to your landing page.

Fake Polls or Questions

Another serious violation of the nonexistent-functionality policy is using fake polls or fake questions like when you use a static visual of a poll but don’t actually make it usable. This can get you in hot water with Meta, so avoid these types of visuals in your ads.

Countering the Nonexistent-Functionality Policy with Verified Business Manager Accounts

A verified Business Manager can help you out in many ways. First, there are all the obvious benefits that come with having a verified Business Manager for e-commerce business such as access to helpful tools, the ability to manage multiple ad accounts, added security, and reduced risks. But then, there’s the additional layer of trust from the platform toward your account. This can play a factor when it comes to ads that got blocked because of the violation of the nonexistent-functionality policy.

If you do end up violating the policy and incorporate a fake button or poll, you will have a higher chance of getting the ad Reviewed. A verified Business Manager account increases the platform’s trust towards you – Meta holds accounts with a verified Business Manager in higher esteem than others. Hence, the higher likelihood of your Review process being more successful. Of course, there is another way of dealing with the policy – just trying to comply and hoping for the best. But a verified Business Manager will make the road much less bumpy for you so it’s highly recommended.

How to Get a Verified Business Manager Account?

You can either verify it yourself or get a verified Business Manager account from a respectable company. Verifying it yourself is a lengthy process and includes sharing personal information that many aren’t comfortable with. Getting a verified Business Manager from a professional company, on the other hand, is much faster and safer for you and your business and avoid restrictions on your facebook ad accounts.

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