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Struggling to scale your ads?

Having issues with scaling your ads?

Can’t crack the Meta algorithm?

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Buy verified  Facebook Business Manager & Scale your ads to infinity!

Why Buy Verified Facebook Business Managers?

Are you a business trying to x10 your conversions on Meta platforms? Do you want to one-up your competitors? We have the answer for you – buy verified Facebook Business Manager and hit the target! When you buy verified Facebook Business Manager, you get a whole line of benefits. You gain access to expanded features and functions like Instagram shopping and instant articles, simplify the management of your advertising campaigns, and help you build trust with customers by positioning yourself as a legitimate and trustworthy business. Now, you must be asking yourself – but isn’t getting verified a hassle? How can I get this? Where can I find a verified Business Manager for sale?

Benefit of ESP Facebook Business Managers

Verified Business Managers are a huge advantage for any marketer. But how can you step up your game and get the best of the best? By getting an ESP Business Manager! Access the best features of BMs and more with ESP. Take a look at the extra benefits you get when you buy verified Business Managers from ESP.

Verified Business Manager

A verified BM can give you access to additional perks inaccessible to others

Secure Access

ESP gives you secure access through a VPS to guarantee safety

Unlocked BM

An unlocked BM with $250/spend per day & growth potential

US / EURO Verified

BM’s are verified either in the US or Europe

Request Assistance

A professional top-level support team guiding your business 24/7

Lower CPM

Lower your costs & increase your conversions

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Purchase the ESP PRO PACK

Purchase the pack including a verified Facebook Business Manager here:  – get invited to the ESP Slack channel and get set up with your digital assets within 24 hours.

Step 2: Download Incogniton or the newest VPS software.

Get 1 user ID and password to login to your profiles. Make sure to note which profiles have access to which verified Facebook Business Manager so that you don’t confuse where to store data and where to run ads.

Why do you need a VPS?
A VPS is a Virtual Private Server that allows you to stay in only one IP. Meta sees what IP is connecting to a profile. If you have multiple employees opening the same verified Facebook Business Manager from multiple IP’s, it greatly increases the likelihood of your assets being restricted. With ESP, your entire team can access your profiles without such risks.

Step 3: Get 4 profiles & 2 verified Facebook Business Managers.

Business manager for assets: One BM will contain all of your assets, such as pixels, domains, and pages. You will be able to access these assets through the profile you just received from ESP. Never run ads from this account. Always use it ONLY to store your pixels, domains, and pages. 

Business Manager for ads: This BM will contain your ad accounts. You will be able to create 1 ad account and manage this account through the proxy solutions provided by the third-party provider. If you have access to agency ad accounts you can connect unlimited agency ad accounts to your BM. Only run ads on this BM, don’t store any data on it.

Why is it so complex? If you have all your data and ads in one place, in the event of a restriction everything will be paused. But with ESP, if your BM gets restricted it will be the one that runs ads. ESP will try to recover it but if it’s impossible, ESP will replace it for you and you will be running ads again in less than 6 hours.

Why 4 profiles? 2 profiles connected to each verified Facebook Business Manager will guarantee that if one gets restricted the other one still works, if you lose one the other still functions and you can always keep running ads. Usually the profiles that get restricted are the ones that run ads, you do not want to contaminate your setup and data, lowering your ad score on the BM with data. 

Step 4: Ad Account

If you’re running with a normal ad account from a verified Facebook Business Manager and not an Agency account, you will need to warm up your ad accounts by running an awareness campaign. Do NOT start a conversion campaign on the 1st day. Your ad account will be limited to $250 per day of spend, you can unlock that spend in 2-4 weeks depending on how consistent you are on your campaigns, how many rejections you have, page quality, account quality, billing consistency, ad score, and other factors. 

If you have an Agency ad account you will be able to launch conversion campaigns as soon as you get approved for ads by the Agency. You will have 0 spend limits and restricted assets can be unrestricted fairly quickly if you’re running legitimate advertising and offers.

Benefits of This Setup

The same profile can be accessed by many users with VPS so that the IP logging into the accounts never changes. Reduces your risk with Meta of being restricted.

The proxy solutions are user-friendly and easy to use. They will allow you to access the verified Facebook Business Managers and profiles from anywhere in the world.

It’s easier to replace 1 verified Facebook Business Manager and a set of profiles than start from scratch every time you get restricted.

IP protection for all of your assets.

Better Ad Score on your overall assets which lowers your CPM.

Ability to manage multiple ad accounts from 1 VPS without fearing restriction.

The ability to work with a team of up to 50 people from the Same BM through one proxy.

Ability to segment your digital risk and make sure your pages, domains, and pixels are not impacted by ad restrictions.


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Anytime Meta marketers buy Facebook Business Manager, they obtain a whole host of advantages over their competitors. And in this current over-saturated market, businesses need all the advantages. Here are the benefits that your ad campaigns gain when you buy verified Facebook Business Manager: 

  1. Increased Trust. When you buy verified Facebook Business Manager, your business gets an instant boost in credibility and trustworthiness. That blue checkmark next to your business’ name signals to potential customers that your business is legitimate and this leads to increased conversions. So, when you buy Facebook Business Manager you are increasing legitimacy and conversions. 
  2. Advanced Targeting. Buying a verified Facebook Business Manager grants you access to advanced targeting features that will ultimately help you reach your target demographics much more efficiently. This can positively impact your ROAS in a spectacular fashion. And when you buy Facebook Business Manager, you gain access to all these advanced targeting features on Meta.Increased Reach. If you buy verified Facebook Business Manager, you are more likely to succeed due to the higher search results and recommendations. This helps expand your reach and get your ads in front of more potential customers. If you want to amplify your reach and achieve higher conversion rates, buy Facebook Business Manager. 
  3. Reduced Risks of Suspension. If you buy verified Facebook Business Manager, your accounts are much less likely to be suspended by Meta. This is due to the fact that Meta will have more trust in these accounts. And since suspensions can directly affect the performance of your campaigns, this indirectly boosts your conversions. So, if you want to reduce all such risks, buy verified Facebook Business Manager. Where can you find a verified Business Manager for sale fast? How can you access all these features? ESP offers BMs like this for sale right now!

While buying verified BMs can be incredibly beneficial, buying a verified Business Manager from ESP specifically comes with even more perks:


  1. Verified Business Manager. The classic benefit – the verified Business Manager with all of its benefits.
  2. Secure Access. ESP verified Business Managers that are up for sale right now come with heightened security through a VPS to guarantee the safety of your accounts. 
  3. Unlocked BM. When you buy verified Facebook Business Manager from ESP, you get unlocked BMs that have no limits on daily ad spend. 
  4. US or EU Verified. ESP BM’s are all verified either in the US or Europe.
  5. Constant Support. Our professional and experienced team of top-level marketing specialists will guide you every step of the way and stay within your reach 24/7.
  6. Lower CPM. ESP BMs that are for sale help you achieve higher impressions for much lower costs, drastically increasing your conversions. So, hurry up and get started to x10 your conversions right now.

Aside from the main difference – the blue check mark – Meta Verified comes with additional protection against impersonators, extra support, as well as increased reach. While traditional verification requires a major presence in your industry.

Proxies will be provided by ESP, as part of the package. 

ESP BMs that are up for sale come with additional security through a VPS.

Yes, our profiles have photos and profile information. Some are real while others are farmed. 

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